FAQ Papro Wine Cellars 2015-10-30 11:38:02 Not Assigned



Do I really need a wine cellar?
Can I just use my cold room or cantina for a wine cellar?
Do I have to build my wine cellar below ground?
Do I have to put a cooling unit in my wine cellar?
How many bottles do you need to have for a wine cellar?
Should I build my own wine cellar?
How do I decide who I should hire to build my wine cellar?
What kinds of questions should I ask my builder to make sure that they know what they’re doing?
What conditions are needed for optimal wine storage?
How long will my wine last if I store it correctly?
What will happen to wine that is not stored correctly?
Can I incorporate a humidor or cigar cabinet in my wine cellar?
Can I have a window in my wine cellar?
What kind of door do I need for my wine cellar?
How much does a wine room/cellar cost?