Trend Watch: Restaurant-Style Wine Cellars at Home

Restaurant Style Wine cellarFor the ambitious wine connoisseur, few things can compare to the feeling of walking into your own luxury wine cellar in your home. Not only is it your hub for wine storage, but you’ve likely spent a great deal of time working with professionals to create a design that suits your décor style and tastes.

Recently, a rising trend has been to design restaurant-style wine cellars at home. Homeowners who are lovers of wine have really taken to displaying their collection via luxury cellars that mimic those you would find in a restaurant. These types of wine cellars can add a degree of sophistication and elegance to any home and show off your wine collection in a truly beautiful way. For those oenophiles who are looking for some fresh ideas for their current wine cellar, or for those who are getting ready to design their first at-home cellar, here are some ideas to help you stay on trend.

Traditional Wine Cellars

In many instances, wine collectors opt for a traditional-looking wine cellar. Although the design may be traditional, there is still plenty of room for innovation and creativity. Consider using different wood varieties and adding simple or elaborate trims to give your traditional wine rack a classic feel. Even today’s generation of collectors can appreciate the appeal this style of wine cellar has.

Modern Wine Cellars

The timeless appeal of glass-encased, modern wine cellars makes them one of the most popular options. There’s something attractive and stunning about the presence of glass mixed with other materials, including cable and metals. It’s a good idea to vary your wine racking system to create even more appeal. Although glassed-in wine cellars require more energy in order to maintain consistent temperatures, their impressive appearance often takes precedence over any additional costs.

Transitional Wine Cellars

The benefit of a transitional wine cellar is that it creates a dynamic experience. The approach in this technique is to bring together contrasting elements so that new and distinct design features are incorporated throughout the entire room. Combining traditional and contemporary design aspects is one way to achieve an exciting transitional wine cellar.

Dramatic Wine Cellars

For homeowners and collectors who want to add more flair to their wine cellar, incorporating dramatic elements or a unique theme is the way to go. Appropriately placed LED lights can dramatically enhance a wine cellar by creating eye-catching visuals, particularly if you are using acrylic, glass or cable wine racking. What adds even more suspense to the cellar is if you use dimmable or colour changing lighting, so you can better control the mood of the room and even change it according to the occasion. You should also consider a theme for your wine cellar. There is nothing quite as alluring as a cellar made to look like the hull of a ship or a medieval chamber with ancient brick archways.

Papro Wine Cellars and Consulting has custom designed wine cellars for wine lovers across the country. We understand how personal a wine cellar is to the homeowner, so we make sure to be attentive to any and all details that will bring the homeowner’s vision to life. To learn more about the luxury wine cellars available from Papro Wine Cellars and Consulting, including our variety of custom wine racks, please call 1.866.651.9229 or email [email protected]

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