Acrylic Wine Racking

Owning a wine cellar is not just about having a room with some racks to put your bottles on, in addition to being a functional space it has become something that adds beauty and value to your home or establishment.

Imagine a typical wine cellar—one adorned with wood or metal wine racks, neatly organized and conventional in appearance. Now imagine that same cellar except that all the wine racks have become transparent! Welcome to the world of acrylic wine racking.

For a truly fascinating and unconventional approach to wine storage, look no further than acrylic wine racking. Acrylic wine racking is the newest method of wine storage using architectural grade acrylic that is both striking in appearance and durable in nature. The use of high–grade architectural acrylic makes the wine storage area look largely transparent and creates an almost futuristic appearance that no other wine racking system can match. Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting is pleased to be able to offer this unique and avant–garde wine storage system to clients in Toronto, the GTA and across Canada.

Using high–grade architectural plastic as the building block for your wine storage has both aesthetic and functional advantages that other types of wine racking cannot replicate. With acrylic wine racking, every surface, fixture and corner is transparent—allowing your wine collection to actually shine through. The completely clear nature of the system eliminates distractions and allows for the dynamic addition of lighting that can be customized in colour and shade!

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