Why build a wine cellar?

Contrary to popular belief, wine cellars are not just for restauranteurs or uber-rich private collectors who access them via secret revolving walls. Any wine lover at all will find that a custom built wine cellar, even a smaller one, will enhance their wine-collecting experience by ensuring that the precious collection is kept safe and protected from heat, light and movement. A private wine cellar allows you to enjoy wine whenever you wish, whether you want to select a bottle for tonight’s dinner or allow a special wine to age for years in an optimally climate-controlled environment. It also provides the perfect platform for you and your guests to admire and enjoy your finds.

A wine cellar provides versatile storage solutions

When the extra bottles of wine you somehow keep acquiring are piling up in your basement, it’s time to look into professional storage solutions. Unless you wish to store your wines outside your home, which is simply not practical for the average collector, that means constructing a custom cellar (or drinking up a whole lot of wine in short order) because wine is perishable and must be stored in a very specific way. The average homeowner’s basement is subject to fluctuations in humidity, movement, light and temperature that can lead to spoilage.

The good news is that your own wine cellar doesn’t have to be on the scale of a Vanderbilt; nor does it have to be single-purposed. In addition to adding prestige, eye candy and value to your home, a wine cellar can be constructed to accommodate more than just your passion for collecting individual bottles of wine and champagne; with the proper design and materials, a custom cellar can also store and display your collection of fine liqueurs, cases, dessert wines and even cigars, in gorgeous custom built cabinetry.

Building Your Wine Cellar

Before you rush out to construct a wine cellar by yourself, know that there are many elements to consider. Even before building the cellar itself, you will need to hire a contractor to install the electrical and HVAC components. Depending upon where in the home you wish to locate the cellar, you will need to install a vapor barrier and insulation to maintain proper humidity levels. That’s why it’s a good idea to consult with a wine cellar expert to discuss your own unique needs and situation. In addition to the nuts and bolts of proper wine storage, you will also want to discuss style, décor and lighting with someone who knows what they are talking about.

At Papro Wine Cellars and Consulting, we have spent decades acquiring the extensive knowledge required to accurately assess and address all aspects pertaining to the design and construction of private, in-home wine cellars for collectors of all stripes. From conception to completion of your project, our highly skilled associates are available to clarify your objectives, answer your questions, make product and design recommendations, and carry out the fulfilment of the wine cellar of your dreams.

A wine cellar is more than a simple storage solution; it’s the ultimate statement that reflects your passion for wine collecting. For amazing results, call Papro for a consultation today.



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