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We know how much your wine collection means to you and how important it is for you to properly maintain and display your wines in the manner that appeals to you and your lifestyle.

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Our team of professionals prides ourselves on our award winning service as wine cellar designers and builders and we look forward to working with you to fulfill your vision of creating the ultimate wine cellar for your home or establishment.

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Using Technology to Build Custom Wine Cellars

Today, with vast technological advancements we have, designing and building a wine cellar anywhere has not been easier. The purpose of a wine cellar is to keep the wine at a regular, cool temperature. This was achieved by storing wine underground in the past, but can now be done with the installation of cooling systems. Modern cellar options are vast and allow easy and creative storage of wines.

Today’s wine cellar systems can transform rooms into a cellar. The options are endless, and so much easier thanks to technology. So, even if your goal is stick to an old-school cellar underground, it can still be done beautifully with the addition of modern technology.

At Papro Consulting we offer our clients a wide range of solutions to fit any space. We have built cellars in every shape, size dimension, and every space you can think of. When it comes to your wine collection you want only the best and we are here to make sure that is what you receive. We have been providing customers with wine cellar solutions for over 15 years and our name is recognized as a premiere wine cellar solutions company.

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We also offer some of the newest systems that can manage your cellar remotely. If you are looking for cooling units ask about our product The Cube. It is truly revolutionary and is taking the world of wine by storm. When you enquire about your new wine cellar make sure you ask about The Cube. It will change your world and managing your cellar.

Wine lounges are also a modern trend. We offer wine lounges as well and not just wine cellar solutions. Papro Wine Cellars services all of Canada and has done work for some of the most prestigious restaurants and home owners across the country. If you want a quote on what your cellar might cost fill out our wine cellar checklist or the form above. You can also give us a call at 1.416.639.5275 and one of our representatives would be happy to help.

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