Hottest Trends in Luxury Amenities for Celebrity Homes

When it comes to luxury homes, celebrities can be sure to always be on top of the latest trends. In the world of the rich and famous, homes and luxury amenities have become the newest indicators of wealth and status. For celebrities, their home is part of their public image, which means that it must be a cut above the rest.

With celebrities competing to outdo each other, they are often on the forefront of the latest in design, elegance, and opulence. For the sophisticated homeowner, there is no better example to take inspiration from than celebrity homes.

Luxury Amenities in Celebrity Homes

With the right luxury amenities, a home can be transformed into a truly cutting-edge, state-of-the-art living space that provides both value and elegance. Celebrity homes have some of the most luxurious features and amenities, providing their owners with the most sophisticated lifestyle.

Latest Technology

Smart technology isn’t just for your phone anymore. In both Hollywood and Silicon Valley, the new trend is “smart homes,” which integrate the latest technology into the home interior. These features allow homeowners to control their home climate, lighting, and security systems from the palm of their hands through their smartphones. For example, in Bill Gates’ Medina mansion, the home environment automatically adjusts to meet the preferences of occupants and guests. With these connected systems, homeowners have greater ease of use and a new feature with which to impress guests. Wi-Fi-compatible appliances, including light bulbs and power outlets, can also add greater functionality.

Outdoor Kitchen

For celebrities in the right climate, outdoor kitchens expand the living space and add beauty outdoors. Particularly for homes with scenic ocean vistas, an outdoor kitchen can provide greater views and splendor than an interior one. Outdoor kitchens will often include built-in grills, sinks, food prep areas, and fridges, along with stone patios for dining. Stainless steel is a popular, high-end selection for outdoor kitchens, giving a sleek modern look and resisting damage from the weather.

Customized Wine Cellar/Wine Rooms

A wine cellar in luxury homes signals to guests that the owner has taste, sophistication, and a deep appreciation for the finer things in life. With a wine cellar, owners with an appreciation for the art and science of wine can have a home addition that can be used to not only store and showcase their collections but also enhance the quality of their wines. Like a good wine, a wine cellar must appeal to taste, using elegant designs that add luxury to the home interior. Clear glass doors can provide guests with a view of your wine collection while wine racks can be designed to showcase rare and exotic vintages. For celebrities, a wine cellar or cabinet is about more than storage; it acts as a conversation starter and enhances luxury in the home.

Sporting Courts

One celebrity trend that is only growing more popular is indoor sports courts and arenas, allowing occupants to participate in their favourite activities from the comfort of their home. Celebrities like Michael Jordan and Drake have indoor basketball courts in their mansions; meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez has a rooftop putting green. Indoor arenas can include basketball courts, tennis courts, squash courts, and bowling lanes. Smaller additions include pool tables and ping pong tables. Drake even has a mechanical bull at his California estate. These additions are not only extravagant, but they also offer functional value and fun for both owners and their guests.

Home Theatre

Having your own theatre is a popular and extravagant choice in many celebrity homes. When it comes to luxury, a typical home theatre (widescreen TV, surround-sound system, and cushioned seating) will no longer make a big impression. Celebrities are now retrofitting their homes with sophisticated theatres that rival or surpass commercial theatres. That means cutting-edge digital projectors, soundproof walls, and multi-storey screens. Seth MacFarlane, for instance, has an actual IMAX theatre in his home, complete with stadium seating and access to first-run premieres.

Spa and Pool Area

Outdoor pools are a common feature in many homes, but the latest trend in luxury homes is pairing them with spas and rejuvenation centres. These allow for optimal relaxation, combing luxury with healing. Pink Himalayan salt spas are a popular choice for their restorative qualities; however, Leonardo DiCaprio favours vitamin-C-infused showers in his luxury mansion. With so many homes featuring pools, celebrities are now thinking up new ways to go above and beyond.

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