How to Install a Climate Controlled Wine Cellar in Your Home

Some of the modern houses today dedicate a space entirely for wine collections. Although some are just racks meant to store a few bottles of vino, homeowners need to a proper place to preserve the richness of taste these drinks have to offer.

If you’re planning to build a wine cellar in your house, you better start researching the materials you’ll need. Here’s a guide to get started with your Toronto wine cellar construction project:

Determine Your Wine Cellar Location

Find a place without a direct sunlight to stack your wines. Basements are perfect since it’s underneath the ground and the temperature is somewhat cool. The fundamentals of wine storage are simple: a temperature no more or less than 55 degrees Fahrenheit, solid racks and no moisture.

If you’re planning to have a house extension to serve as your custom built wine cellar, coordinate with the contractor to build a UV-resistant room.

Frame and Insulate the Walls

It’s essential to have a thicker wall to have a more controlled environment. The ideal level of humidity is 57 percent; anything above this number can cause the formation of mold in the cork and drinks to be ruined.

In contrast, humidity lower than 50 percent can cause a cork to dry out, also spoiling the wine. Hence, play with 50 to 57 percent to achieve a natural maturing process.

Create a Doorway Seal

Get an exterior-grade, insulated door to even out the temperature in a cellar. Even if you close or open the door often, the room will have a stable humidity thanks to a doorway seal.

Glass doors are nice and valuable options since you able to see through the storage room. Hence, you can showcase your collection of vino when friends and family are around.

Install a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

It is not enough to have the walls framed and insulated. A wine cellar cooling unit is required to have a stable temperature all over the cellar. You need to know that ordinary and normal units aren’t enough as these aren’t capable of removing excess moisture.

The best cooling system to have is the Cube°, a premium quality unit that ensures a constant heat circulation for the authentic maturing process. It is not like any ordinary cooling device because it’s noise-free, durable and has a 24/7 system monitoring through an application Alfred.

The Wine Square, creators of Cube°, believes that this innovation will change how wines are being preserved. In fact, they continuously enhance and develop ways to improve their line of products. The Cube° specifically, has a lot of potentials with its 20-year lifespan and e-cool technology. It even has a 10-year warranty which is a testimony that it’s way above the market’s existing units.

Homeowners can have this in the cellar and not worry about drains or defective condensation receptacles.

Wine Guardian is another notable provider for new cooling system and interface remote controller and sensors. Humidity controls and readout are displayed for easy monitoring and temperature alteration.

The path to wine collecting requires rigorous work, lots of patience and dedication. But after everything’s settled and the collection is growing, you’ll find a cellar valuable to store and preserve these drinks. Invest in an excellent cooling device like Cube° to have something fresh and aromatic for any types of occasion. Contact The Wine Square and Wine Guardian for more information.

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