Papro offers superior quality

Are you a person who seeks superior quality in life, no matter what you’re dealing with? Not everybody is. According to experts, there are different types of shoppers who make purchases for distinctly different, personality-related reasons. For example, there are those who perpetually seek bargains, even if the items are of low quality or they don’t really need them, because they want to feel as though they are getting ‘a deal’. There are those who shop as a self-soothing mechanism and again, don’t really care so much what the end result is; they are invested in buying things, not in enjoying them. And of course, there is the trophy shopper, who is always looking for that ‘perfect’ item that will complete their life and make them happy once and for all!

At Papro Wine Cellars and Consulting, we have found that often, people who choose us to design and build a custom wine cellar have the Collector personality: they like to acquire fine and/or unique things, not just for the sake of accumulating them or out of a narcissistic need to appear superior to others, but because of a genuine interest in expertly made, beautifully crafted items that reflect their personalities. This is often mirrored in the rest of the home, its furnishings and décor.

Whatever your reasons for building a custom wine cellar, if superior quality is what you are looking for, you will find it when you choose Papro Wine Cellars and Consulting.

Superior quality for over two decades

The associates at Papro Wine Cellars and Cometal wine racks torontonsulting have over 20 years’ combined experience in construction, nearly half of that spent specializing in designing and constructing custom wine cellars. This longevity in a very competitive business speaks for itself: we have acquired extensive, specialized knowledge of wine cellar design from conception through to completion. That means you don’t have to bring in an architect or an engineer for the project (though we are happy to collaborate with professionals of your choosing, for example, when your new home is being built). Whether you wish to be actively involved in every detail of your wine cellar’s design and construction, or whether you wish to simply leave everything to us, or any level of involvement in between, we are here to do the job right.



Serious about collecting wine? Call us for solutions that work in your space.

We know you love wine or you wouldn’t be considering a custom wine cellar. However, up until this point, you may not love certain aspects of your wine collecting passion – such as finding sufficient storage within the rooms of your home where your wines can age properly yet be readily available for your needs and attractively displayed. All of that will change when you opt for superior quality by choosing Papro to cellar your fine wines.

When you call us for an initial consultation, you’ll get to express your needs, wants and desires for a new wine cellar to an expert who knows how to bring your words to fruition. Our associates pride themselves on having all the information and guidance you require in order to move past the idea phase of your dream wine cellar and start looking at the practical logistics of the project. We’ll help you explore a wide array of products, designs and possibilities that will exceed your objectives for the cellar of your dreams.

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