Why would someone want or need a custom wine cellar

The answer to why someone would want or need a custom wine cellar may be deceptively simple – because they have more wine than can be contained in their cupboards or on shelves – or rather more subtle: the reasons for having your own custom wine cellar may have more to do with your feelings about wine collecting than the bottles themselves.

Papro Wine Cellars and Consulting has designed custom walk-in wine cellars in and around the GTA in private homes and fine establishments for almost a decade. We have listened to your reasons for building a wine cellar, and as wine lovers, we understand! Here’s why even someone who doesn’t consider themselves a wine snob, would benefit from a custom wine cellar.


  • Custom wine cellars convey good taste like few other things do. With companies like Wayfair selling designer home furnishings and décor at affordable prices, nobody can tell anymore whether they’re treading on a priceless Persian carpet or a knockoff from Beyond the Rack – but a custom wine cellar says that you are a connoisseur with wealth and taste.


  • A custom wine cellar shows you are serious about collecting wine. Today, no one really needs to age their own wine – you can buy mature wines online, and you can also store your wines off-premises if need be. But where is the fun in that? Serious collectors of anything like to display their collections, not just consume them or hide them away. A custom wine cellar demonstrates your passion, your hobby and your level of commitment.


  • A custom cellar is a must for your business. If you own a licensed restaurant and you want to be known for more than just your daily specials, a wine cellar adds so much: the space for you to expand your selection so you can offer diners the perfect pairing every time; the capacity to properly store wines that don’t turn over as quickly; the ability to control inventory, and of course, the bragging rights that you have your own cellar.


  • A custom cellar lets you take your time. It is, after all, your collection; who better to savour it than, well, you? Imagine strolling into your custom cellar and taking the time to leisurely pick out a bottle for tonight’s dinner or select the perfect vintage to wow your guests. Run your hands lovingly over the buttery wood or polished cabling of your racks as you contemplate the bottles and what is next on your wish list. Spending time alone with your wine collection makes for some very fulfilling, even meditative moments.


  • Custom wine cellars let you flex your design muscles. Unless you live in a custom-built home or have recently undertaken massive renos, when was the last time you had a hand in designing a room of your home from scratch? A custom wine cellar allows you to collaborate on the design and decide the purpose and features of the room. Do you want a very zen, open space, or tons of room for bottles? Will you factor in space for other things, like crates, cigars or liqueurs? What will the lighting look like?

Perhaps the best-known reason to get a custom wine cellar is that it’s a beautiful, functional space that allows you to store your wines under optimal conditions until you are ready to drink them.

What’s your reason for wanting a custom wine cellar?


Papro Wine Cellars