Why Is the Correct Serving Temperature Important for Wine?

Proper wine cellar refrigeration is important when it comes to storing wine because the temperature at which wine is served can profoundly affect the flavour of the wine and, in turn, the disposition of the person consuming the wine. In light of this, wine connoisseurs all over the world have different takes on how certain wines should be stored and the temperatures at which they should be consumed. If you are a wine lover looking to impress your guests at your next dinner party, it’s essential that you are using the right wine cellar cooling system to store your reds and whites.

The Ideal Temperatures for Wine Refrigerators

For newly inaugurated wine connoisseurs, it is easy to fall victim to the common myth that red wine should be stored at room temperature while white wine should be stored at a much cooler temperature. The fact of the matter is that this is a rather oversimplified misconception as both red and white wines warrant their own individual storage requirements. The sophisticated wine drinker knows that storing wine at the wrong temperature is a surefire way to ruin the integrity and character of said wine.

The Myth of “Room Temperature”

At one point in history, it was perfectly acceptable to store wine at “room temperature”; however, this method should be made obsolete because it is simply impossible to measure what exactly constitutes room temperature. When this phrase was originally coined, central heating and cooling systems had not yet been invented, and the average temperature in people’s dwellings depended largely on the weather. Even though wine was still considered a very high-end delicacy at the time, the temperature at which it should be stored and served has been drastically modified over the years.

You should also take into consideration the fact that, even today, room temperature is not uniform. For instance, the temperature in people’s homes varies from one person to the next. This begs the question, what is the correct temperature at which to store and consume wine? Furthermore, is it the same for both red and white wine? A good rule of thumb to abide by is that if the glass holding the wine produces too much condensation, then the wine is too cold.

The Perfect Red Wine

Room temperature storage can alter the overall taste, aroma, flavour, acidity, and alcoholic intensity of the wine—and not in a good way. To maintain the integrity and flavour profile of the red wine, it is best to store it in a wine cellar cooling unit at approximately 10 and 15 degrees Celsius (or 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit).

Chilled White Wines

Like red wine, white wine should also be stored in a wine cellar cooling unit at approximately 10 and 15 degrees Celsius (or 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit). To capitalize on the white wine’s unique flavours and characteristics, make sure you serve the wine chilled to perfection. The bottle should be cool to the touch but not so cool that it is downright frosted. You should be able to take in the luscious aroma of the wine as you pour it. If you happen to be serving the wine on a particularly humid or hot summer day, you can even use plastic (or real) ice cubes in the glass to keep it cool while drinking and keep the bottle in an ice bucket with ice and water. This way, the temperature will remain consistent for the duration of the gathering.

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