Wine Cellars: Past, Present, and Future

Throughout history, wine has been regarded as the drink of gods – and has treated wine accordingly. This special treatment included the way the way was stored and consumed. With centuries of practice, wine storage has been altered and truly mastered. So what was it like in the past, and where are we headed?

Wine Cellars of the Past

It’s not clear when it was discovered that wine needs cool, dark, conditions in order to stay in top condition. Nevertheless, it was established, and without the availability of any technology, wine was stored deep underground where the temperatures and humidity drop dramatically.

The need for proper wine storage went as far as a secret chamber built into the bottom of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1876. The Elite of New York paid the city of New York large sums of money to be allowed to store the collection of wine and champagne in the coolest area, at the foot of the bridge. These sums of money actually funded the build of the bridge – and was considered the best area to store the wine.

In Europe, before the Second World War, most well-established winemakers and wineries had major wine cellars underground where they stored wines for decades. These wines were kept in pristine conditions that would have allowed the wine to age for further years. However, as the Germans moved through the countries of Europe, they consumed almost all wines that were stored in these underground cellars.
There are only a handful of wines left that are dated before 1945 – which creates the mystery: How long would these wines have been able to age in these underground cellars and what explosive flavour would they have held?

Present Day Wine Cellars

Today, with vast technological advancements we have, designing and building a wine cellar anywhere has not been easier. The purpose of a wine cellar is to keep the wine at a regular, cool temperature. This was achieved by storing wine underground in the past, but can now be done with the installation of cooling systems. Modern cellar options are vast and allow easy and creative storage of wines.

Today’s wine cellar systems can transform rooms into a cellar. The options are endless, and so much easier thanks to technology. So, even if your goal is stick to an old-school cellar underground, it can still be done beautifully with the addition of modern technology.

The Future of Wine Cellars

The future’s possibilities for cellars are endless. The transition of cellars has already jumped greatly, and who knows what new advancements will be made in the future. It is apparent that the minimalist style, with fewer shelves, are becoming more trendy – which leans to the idea that, that is the direction future cellars are headed. Who knows what sort of aging potential wines will have with new, innovative technology features.

It is clear that throughout history, no measures were too great to ensure wines are kept that the best conditions – and the future is sure to hold the same mindset.

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