Wine Racking Systems

As wine has become more popular, a greater variety of racking styles and systems has emerged—all of which are uniquely distinct in style and function, making it easy to find one that perfectly compliments your individual taste and decorating style.

Whether you prefer wood, metal, cable, acrylic or combination wine racking, Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting is the premier destination for all your wine racking needs.

While all of the wine racking systems available through Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting are designed to safely protect and display wine collections, the various types of wine racking systems have different aesthetic appeal and functional benefits that can make a huge difference in the final appearance and function of your wine cellar. As a result, a lot of thought should go into choosing the wine racking that would best suit your home or establishment. Papro’s experienced and knowledgeable personnel are available to help.

Wood wine racking conveys a sense of traditional beauty and timelessness; it provides ample spacing for your wine collection, and can be fully customized for your personal tastes and preferences.

Metal wine racking looks sleek and modern. It generally fits more bottles in less space and thus performs better in narrow areas.

Cable wine racking takes a minimalist approach to wine storage, creating the unique illusion of bottles floating in mid–air.

Acrylic wine racking is unconventional and futuristic, putting the spotlight on the bottles themselves through the use of transparent material.

Combination wine racking provides both traditional style and modern flair through a use of combined materials that work together to create a beautiful space.

For more in–depth descriptions and examples of all of the different types of wine racking available through Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting, please make use of the individual pages offered on this website to find the perfect system for you!

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