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Wine Cellar Cooling Units or Systems

Wine Cellar Cooling Units or Systems

The right cooling unit or system is absolutely essential to protect and store your wine collection at an optimal and consistent temperature. Without the proper cooling unit, wines become exposed to temperature fluctuations that will cause chemical imbalances that can quickly ruin the taste of your wine. As there are many varieties of wine cellars, there are also many types of cooling units; all of which have distinct differences that make them better suited for some wine cellars more than others.

The professionals at Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting are happy to help you understand the differences between each system in order to correctly select the one that would work best for your wine cellar.

Self–Contained Non–Ducted Through the Wall Unit
Self–Contained Ducted System
Non–Ducted Split System
Ducted Split System
Water Cooled System

Contact Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting to find out more about what type of cooling system would be perfect for your wine cellar.