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With over twenty years experience in the construction industry, and over eight years specializing in wine cellars, the associates at Papro Consulting have acquired the extensive knowledge necessary to accurately assess and address all aspects pertaining to wine cellar design and construction.

From conception to completion, the associates at Papro Consulting are available to answer questions, make recommendations, or to simply take care of your wine cellar project so that you can rest assured that it will be done right!

The expert wine cellar designers and builders at Papro Consulting are as serious about cellaring fine wines as you are about collecting them.

Papro associates pride themselves on providing clients with the information and guidance they require in order to make practical and informed decisions about their wine storage needs. Our consultants are committed to working closely with clients to gain a clear understanding of each individuals objectives, and to help them explore the wide array of products and possibilities available to meet those needs.

You invest time and money into your wine collections; let Papro Consulting invest our knowledge into your wine cellar.

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Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting

Your wine should be something that is treasured and enjoyed. The same should apply to your wine cellar. Wine cellars are a home for your wine collection—a distinct reflection of your personal taste in the form of wine bottles from different times and places. Depending on your preferences and collecting habits, your wine cellar may hold remnants of days long past, or may be much more contemporary and sophisticated. Your wine cellar can be small and intimate or spacious and lean. Trust the experts at Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting to design and build you a wine cellar that truly reflects and compliments you, your wine and your home or establishment.

Our dedicated associates at Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting pride themselves on building the best wine cellars in Toronto, the GTA and throughout Ontario. Although having a wine cellar may not be a necessity for everyone, more and more people are learning to appreciate the beauty and value that a wine cellar can bring to a home or establishment. Incorporating a quality wine cellar is a sound investment that ensures the proper aging and longevity of any growing wine collection. In addition to the functional benefits of properly and safely storing and displaying your wine collection, wine cellars increase the prestige of your home. Whether it is in the basement, on the main floor, or anywhere else on your property, the specialists at Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting will do their best to accommodate your functional, stylistic and budgetary expectations.

From the initial planning and design phase to cellar completion, our associates at Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting will be there to provide our expertise every step of the way. We ensure that our clients are constantly updated and involved in the planning/design/build process so that the finished product is exactly what they had envisioned. Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting also provides unparalleled after-market service, including one year of free cooling unit service and maintenance for clients who build a Papro Wine Cellar. By providing this service free of charge, Papro clients can take comfort in knowing that we’ll be there to address any problems or concerns that may arise. The Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting team is committed to providing the best service and the highest quality wine cellars throughout Toronto, the GTA and across Ontario.

Our professionals have over twenty years of experience in all aspects of the construction industry prior to specializing in wine cellars. They are very familiar with building and room construction requirements and with all of Ontario’s building codes. Our experienced designers and construction craftsmen use this knowledge and experience throughout every project to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that things are done correctly. We do so because we take pride in what we do and we always strive to not only meet, but exceed our clients’ expectations. Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting’s beautifully designed and meticulously crafted wine storage areas (with or without climate control) guarantee that your wine collection will get the proper care and attention that it truly deserves. Let the experts at Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting turn your ordinary space into an extraordinary wine cellar!

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