Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Repair in the GTA

You’ve invested a lot of time and resources into building your wine cellar, so maintaining it is important. You need to make sure you are always taking measures to not only protect your investment, but to also provide the best environment for your wine collection.

By now you already know how important temperature is in optimizing the quality of your wine, therefore, if your wine cellar cooling unit is not operating as it should, the condition of your wine is at considerable risk.


The best way to “solve” a problem is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Wine cellar cooling units are made up of several moving parts, and like any mechanical apparatus, regular service and maintenance is an integral part in minimizing the chances of more serious problems occurring over time. Sudden or unexpected repairs can end up being very costly and time consuming, and you may have to wait for replacement parts. These delays may not only cause damage to your valuable wine collection, but also affect your cellar itself. That’s why Papro Wine Cellars and Consulting offers a Wine Cellar Service and Maintenance Program.

Our certified refrigeration technicians will ensure that your cooling system is running efficiently by performing regular inspections, specifically designed for your wine cellar environment. The technician will also:

  • Check the condensate
  • Check for noise and vibration
  • Check the evaporator and condenser for dust build up
  • Clean the condensate pan under the evaporator coil
  • Inspect the cabinet for corrosion
  • Check for loose insulation, fasteners, gaskets or connections
  • Check all wiring connections
  • Examine ducts for any cracks or breach (if applicable)
  • Check the fan and solenoid on the humidifier (if applicable)
  • Replace the humidifier pad (if applicable)
  • Check the temperature controls and calibrate if necessary
  • Check the overall condition of all equipment and accessories
  • Inform you if any additional work is recommended or required


The main reason wine cellar cooling units break down is because they were incorrectly installed in the first place. Many HVAC professionals make the incorrect assumption that installation for a wine cellar is the same as it would be for any other room in the house.

This assumption doesn’t take into account the specifications and distinct needs of a wine cellar. It doesn’t account for the unique characteristics of every wine cellar, be it in design, location, or other factors such as weather conditions, insulation, and the external architecture of the space.


Though it could be argued that split systems offer the least amount of resistance when it comes to repair, there are not many differences between brand types when it comes to servicing a wine cellar cooling unit.

Through our Wine Cellar Service and Maintenance Program, we offer a quick response to any service or repair requests. We know the importance of maintaining a stable environment for your wine collection more than anyone else, so our certified refrigeration technicians work quickly and efficiently to resolve whatever issues may be preventing your wine cellar from performing at ideal conditions.

Papro Wine Cellars and Consulting is experienced and knowledgeable about what goes into designing and installing wine cellars. In instances where wine cellar cooler unit maintenance or repairs are necessary, we’ll be there to support you. By participating in our comprehensive Wine Cellar Service and Maintenance Program, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your wine cellar is being well taken care of.

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