Acrylic Wine Racking Ideas for Hotels and Restaurants

iStock_000059210138_SmallWine racking systems are continuing to evolve right in front of our very eyes. With more and more people starting to appreciate wine and wine culture, homeowners, restaurant owners and other establishments are starting to display their collections in more unique ways. We’ve seen the shift from traditional wooden wine racks to metal wine racks in many homes today, given the aesthetic appeal of these types of modern wine racks. Now, acrylic wine racking systems are starting to emerge as the new trend in restaurant and hotel wine cellars.

What Is an Acrylic Wine Racking System?

The most appealing characteristic of wine racking is its transparency. Traditional wine racks are usually wood-based, with the more contemporary racks being made of metal. Both of these options have a unique appeal, but acrylic wine racks are unlike anything else.

These modern wine racks are made from architectural-grade acrylic that is durable enough to maintain the largest wine collections. The transparent appearance creates an almost futuristic aesthetic and delivers a remarkable elegance to any wine cellar.

Acrylic wine racks offer a tasteful means of showing off your wine collection. Papro Wine Cellars and Consulting can offers custom acrylic wine racking options that can display your collection nearly anywhere in your home or business.

Use of Acrylic Wine Cellars for Hotels and Restaurants

Many restaurant and hospitality business owners understand the value of creating an experience for their customers. Creating a unique and memorable wine cellar is one way that they can execute such an experience. Acrylic wine cellars, especially when paired with LED lighting, can creates one of the most unforgettable wine cellar experiences imaginable.

At Papro Wine Cellars and Consulting, we can help you achieve this experience. We can design and install an acrylic wine racking system that is almost completely transparent and that can be colour adjusted with LED lighting. This is not only safe for your wine collection, but it creates a visual impact like no other. For more information about our acrylic wine racks and how they can add to the ambiance of your home, restaurant or hotel, contact us today. Our wine cellar professionals will be happy to assist you in choosing the right wine racking system for your establishment.

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