Autumn Food and Wine Pairings to Enjoy This Fall

As wine lovers and connoisseurs understand, a good wine depends on context. The perfect wine selection pairs well with the occasion, the company, and even the time of year.

With the arrival of autumn, it is traditional to see transitions in food and wine selections.Cooler, shorter days mean cravings for warmer, richer dishes and meals. Fine-dining restaurants adjust their menus to feature more hearty soups, sweeter vegetables, and gourmet meats, including roasts, pheasant, and venison.

Wine selections are not immune from the changing seasons, either. White wine and chilled red wine are enjoyed in the summer but often feel out of place in the autumn months. For people hosting social gatherings or inviting fellow wine lovers to indulge in an autumn party, care should be taken to choose a wine that pairs well with the food and the season.

Food and wine in the fall tend to be richer and more decadent. There are many wine and food pairings that can provide the best tasting experience in the fall months.

Pot Roast and Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot

A pot roast is a sumptuous and hearty dish, often enjoyed at family gatherings,particularly during Thanksgiving or autumn celebrations. An equally hearty wine selection can be a nice complement to the richness of the meal. Pot roast originates from French cuisine, so a full-bodied French wine, such as a merlot or cabernet sauvignon,makes a perfect pairing. The wine should be warm enough to not contrast too severely with the richness of the dish, but still provide a nice balance.

Pumpkin Risotto and Pinot Grigio

For a seasonal twist on a traditional dish, a pumpkin risotto can be a gourmet but fun meal choice for the autumn season. Pumpkins are rich, savoury, and sweet, providing a unique blend of flavours. For a wine that can add to the flavour of pumpkin, look for selections that have a bit of spice or tartness. A pinot grigio can provide a nice subtle contrast to the heartiness of a pumpkin risotto.

Venison and German Riesling

Venison is a rich and gamey meat, providing a particularly sumptuous flavour. Venison also is a versatile meat; it can be used in a variety of dishes and cooked with an assortment of methods. Due to the versatility of this meat, a large range of wines can also be paired effectively with a venison dish. However, a sweeter wine can provide a nice contrast to the gamey richness of the meat. Consider a white wine, like German Riesling,for an impactful pairing.

Apple Pie and Canadian Ice Wine

In the autumn, as always, it’s important to remember dessert. Apple pie is a traditional dessert for Thanksgiving and seasonal family get-togethers. Warm, sweet, and rich, apple pie provides the perfect finish to any meal, from gourmet to homemade. It’s also a great and simple dish for people hosting a wine party, where a dessert may be more appropriate than a full meal. With a sweet dessert, a sweeter wine is a good match and does not take away from the deliciousness of the dish. Canadian ice wine is a great option that can enhance the enjoyment of dessert.

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