11 Best Wine Bars in Toronto: Which Ones Offer What You’re Looking For

Wine bars are a great way to experience new tastes and variations from different regions of the world. They take the pressure out of picking a glass or pairing it with a particular food. These are the best wine bars in Toronto from your favourite Toronto custom wine cellar design and construction company, Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting.


1. Skin + Bones

This wine bar is run by a husband and wife duo. You can appreciate their simple bar and restaurant with several local food and wine offerings.

Cibo Wine Bar Yorkville

2. Cibo Wine Bar

The Cibo has a few different locations around Toronto for you to check out. They have a variety of Red Italian wines for you to choose from either by the glass or by the bottle.

Midfield Wine Bar & Tavern

3. Midfield Wine Bar and Tavern

This is a cute and cozy wine bar that will make you want to stay and hang around for a while. They have multiple options for bistro fare from light snacks to full entrees.


4. Archive

Archive is a lovely, minimalistic wine bar. They have inexpensive glasses and a long wine list that anyone would enjoy.

REDS Wine Bar and Tavern

5. REDS Wine Tavern

Reds is more known for the restaurant than the bar itself.  Although they still have a large enough list of wine that you can try a variety of them while enjoying a delicious main course.

Grey Gardens Wine Bar

6. Grey Gardens

This is a new Kensington destination spot for Wine. They have a long, geographically diverse wine list with many unseen labels.

Bricco Kitchen and Wine Bar

7. Bricco Kitchen and Wine Bar

The Bricco has a lovely selection of fine wines and Italian fare. The Wine selection highlights all regions around Europe.


8. Buca

Bar Buca is a cozy chic place to grab a coffee during the day and enjoy a few glasses of wine at night. They stick to the Aperitivo tradition so they include a delicious Italian snack with every beverage.

Local Kitchen and Wine Bar Toronto


9. Local Kitchen and Wine Bar

This restaurant was established in 2009 by two childhood friends. This bar may not appear like much of a dive from the outside but the food and drinks draw in huge crowds every weekend.

CARENS Rosedale

10. CARENS Rosedale

The bar has a lovely ambience with a piano in the front and fireplace in the back. This place draws people in with the wine selection from various regions and cheeses that pair nicely with each glass.

SIP Wine Bar

11. SIP Wine Bar

This bar is an industrial chic apartment renovated into a bar and restaurant. Their restaurant serves handmade pizzas, pastas, and several varieties of wines to suit every taste.

Did we miss any of your favourite places?  Let us know which others should have been included in our list of the best wine bars in Toronto.

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