Choosing a Wine Rack Style for Home Decor

Wine RacksWine collectors who are just starting out have a decision to make: Their collections are beginning to grow, so properly storing their wines now becomes a paramount concern. As a homeowner, the logical next step is to consider installing a wine cellar but how does one go about selecting what wine racking would work best for their needs?

Choosing a suitable wine rack or wine racking system involves multiple considerations. It goes without saying that you need it to be functional, regardless of where in your home you decide to locate it. And because your wine racking serves as another feature within your home, the aesthetic appeal of your chosen wine racks should also play a major role in determining which type of racking you ultimately select.

Wine Racking Styles

In order to choose suitable wine racking, you will need to gain a better understanding of what options are available.

Wall-Mounted Wine Racks


These racks allow you to display your wine collection on any wall of your home. They are typically small and compact, but work well for easy access and convenience.

Floor to Ceiling Wine Racks


Floor to ceiling wine racking, such as the Cable Wine System require additional ceiling reinforcement for proper installation but are fully customizable for almost any space. This system gives the impression of bottles floating on air which adds another level of sophistication to any wine display.

Table-Top Wine Racks


Table-top wine racking is typically used for a very small number of bottles; usually those that the home owner plans to consume most often. Table-top wine racks often serve as a decorative element within the existing home décor.

Floor Wine Racks


With floor wine racks, placement becomes limited and bottle visibility can become more challenging. In cases where floor space is at a premium, floor wine racking may not be the best way to go.

Wine Furniture


Another option for wine collectors is wine cabinets or refrigerators. For collectors who enjoy having their wine on display, these wine furniture options may not be suitable. However, including some type of wine tower or storage cabinets in your dining room may add flair to your decor while still effectively storing wine.


Wine Racking Materials

New collectors also have an array of material to choose from when it comes to wine racking. Each option offers their own functional benefits, and each can complement the decor of your home.



Wooden wine racking is the more traditional approach. Wooden racks can be modular and stackable, giving connoisseurs the option to continue adding racks as their collection grows. For those individuals that are looking for a more refined look with wood, custom wood racking is also available in a variety of woods, finishes and features depending on the look or style you prefer.



More and more homeowners are choosing metal wine racks over wood these days because they tend to work better within the framework of contemporary home design. Racking systems such as the Cable Wine System allow for more flexibility with design due to their minimalist nature and their aesthetic appeal. The Cable Wine System is also one of the most sophisticated wine racks on the market due to its versatility with accommodating a wider variety of bottle sizes and the fact that it is produced using quality stainless steel cables and chromed solid brass connecting clamps.



Combination wine racking is ideal for homeowners who want the classic look of wood, but also the contemporary feel of metal. This unique wine racking is not only visually pleasing, but it also allows for easy access, storage and organization of your bottles.



The transparency of acrylic wine racking offers a truly exciting design experience; creating a look that is both attractive and functional. Adding RGB lighting to acrylic wine racking can result in a colourful collection that adds an almost futuristic aesthetic to your wine cellar.

The wine cellar experts at Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting can provide insight and make recommendations to help ensure that you feel satisfied with your wine storage decisions so you can rest assured that you know exactly what to expect. For more information about the services we offer, contact us today.

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