Cube°: Evolutionary Wine Cellar Cooling System

This wine cellar cooling system is evolutionary.

Wines, when properly preserved, can taste magnificent over time. The aroma, taste, and flavour can entice the senses, as long as it’s rich and hasn’t gone bad. If you’re a collector, you probably know the importance of having a premium and well-ventilated cellar at home.

Introducing Cube°, the world’s most advanced, sustainable and whisper-quiet cooling solution for wine cellars. With a 20-year lifespan, this evolutionary system provides a trustworthy cooling technology that works without a fuss.

Accurate Temperature Control

Cellaring wines take a lot of patience and research to get the most out of it. Aside from considering the acidity, sugar, alcohol, and tannin, it’s important to build proper storage with a stable temperature.

What makes the Cube° different is, it’s engineered to maintain a natural humidity for bottles of vino. With accurate temperature control, premature oxidation of white wines can be prevented. The Cube° also ensures the constant heat circulation in the cellar to achieve the most authentic maturing process and maintain the richness of each bottle.

This wine cellar cooling system is beyond the ordinary as it not only works inside the cellar but creates a barrier against the outside environment. Bottles stored in such a controlled environment can reach its fullest aromatic complexity, making you enjoy each sip.

24/7 System Monitoring with the Wine Cellar Cooling System App

Through the wine cellar cooling system app, Alfred, Cube° can be accessed through your mobile device to get updates on the condition of your cellar. Data are stored in the cloud of Alfred, giving you access to information related to aging conditions.

The temperature and overall maturing environment can be modified too by an artificial technology. Updates are automatic to ensure the efficiency of the system day by day.

Finally, technicians can also contact you to book an appointment if repairs are needed.

Noise-Free Wine Cellar Cooling System Technology

Unlike the regular air conditioning devices with roaring sounds, the Cube° has a compressor-free mechanism, which makes it noise-free. This is possible since there are no moving parts required. Wine cellar cooling is achieved only by the movement of electrons.


Made of highly reliable components and materials, the Cube° continuously works over 200,000 hours without failures. It certainly is the most advanced cooling technology without the need for a drain.

Making the Most Out of Your Purchase

As a customer, you can maximize the use of this system when you take time to do your research and preparation. Upon your inquiry, make sure to discuss your requirements to the representative. Mention your living situation and the bottles of wine you want to preserve. It’s also important to collect crucial information about the warranty, installation and other needed documents.

Moreover, you can also check their website to know how you can benefit from this innovation.

Being a wine enthusiast is a great thing as you can taste and experience some of the bottles as old as you. Given that these wines aren’t cheap, you must prioritize the preservation of these drinks. Step up your game and invest in a worthy system that you can use for years to come. Contact The Wine Square, an exclusive Ontario provider to set up your very own Cube°.  


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