5 Reasons to Have a Custom Residential Wine Lounge Built for Your Guests

For people who enjoy collecting and drinking wine, there really isn’t any need to go somewhere to meet friends for drinks after work.

Instead, you can invite them to your home to share a bottle of wine or two in the comfort of your custom wine lounge.

Here are five reasons for building a custom residential wine lounge in your home for guests.

An Entertainment Space

A wine lounge is a great space for entertaining friends and family members who share your love for wine. Creating a space in or next to your custom wine cellar is a good place to invite friends or family members over for a dinner party or to watch the big game on television while sharing bottles of wine.

Also, by entertaining in your house, you can relax and be more comfortable because you don’t need to deal with drunk strangers in a crowded bar.

Share and Discuss Wine

Invite wine loving friends to bring over a bottle or two of their favourite wines from their collection to share with you. Then, select a bottle or two from your collection to share as well.

After trying new vintages, everyone can discuss what they thought about the wines or discuss wine in general. If a friend likes white wine, introduce them to your favourite red wines or vice versa. It’s a good way to try new wines without buying bottles that you may not finish after trying them.

Host Meetings

If you belong to civic organizations or clubs, such as a book club, then you can use your home wine lounge to host meetings. Many people like to drink wine while discussing the book of the month or organize fundraisers for their organization.

A private wine lounge would provide the privacy people like to have for meetings. Plus, when people find out you have a great wine lounge, they will want to see it and try some of the wines in your collection.

Teach Others About Wine

Most wine collectors like sharing their knowledge about their hobby, especially to people who are eager to learn. If you have friends or family members who want to know more about wines, you can use your wine lounge to tutor them.

By showing them different bottles, you can explain how wines are labelled, how to identify varietals from regular table wines and let them taste the difference between dry and sweet wines. There are many things to learn about wine so that the tutoring sessions may last for several weeks in your wine lounge.

Create a Getaway

Although your wine lounge can be a great place for entertaining friends and family members, it can also be a great place for you to escape with your partner. After a hectic week of work and running after the children, relaxing with a great bottle of wine in the lounge can help you de-stress.

A wine lounge doesn’t need to be a huge room; it can be a cozy, intimate place to enjoy spending time with people (and wine) you love.

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