Customize Trendy Wood Wine Cellars for Your Home

Wine collectors have often amassed a large collection of wine and take pride in displaying it within their home. Today, there are numerous storing options available, especially when it comes to choosing the material. When deciding between using wood or metal racks for storing your wine collection, the decision ultimately comes down to preference. As long as the important variables such as temperature and humidity are consistent and in line with suggested guidelines, both wood and metal wine cellars are great options for your home.

Whether you choose wooden or metal wine racks, Papro Wine Cellars and Consulting is equipped to design, install and manage either just as effectively. There are, however, some added benefits to opting for a wood wine cellar, as they can often bring an air of sophistication and timelessness to any room in your home.

Reasons to Choose a Wood Wine Racking System

We’ve spoken a lot about the fact that many homeowners these days are opting for metal wine racks. They seem to be drawn to the more contemporary style options that metal wine racks offer. However, wood wine cellars have long been the tradition. And while many homeowners are opting for metal wine racks, there are still plenty of collectors who are more intrigued by the traditional look of wooden wine racking.

One of the main benefits of wooden wine racking is that they can double as usable furniture pieces. Also, the sheer number of different types of wood shows how highly customizable wood wine racks can be. Not only does wood naturally vary in colour, it can also be stained and lacquered to match your existing home decor.

Choosing the Right Wood for Your Custom Wine Cellar

Each species of wood brings a different look and feel to your room, so differentiating between these available options can have a big impact on the overall decor of your wine cellar and, ultimately, your home.



By far the most popular wood being used for wine racking these days is walnut. Walnut can vary in colour from a deep chocolate brown to lighter yellow hues. It is this broad range of colour and smooth flowing grain that attracts many homeowners to walnut as it blends in beautifully with both more traditional and contemporary home decor styles.



Mahogany’s appeal is in its durability. Its strength protects against any swelling or unwanted shaping, and it can also be stained to further enhance its warm and inviting rusty colour palette.



Maple has a smooth creamy colour and is commonly used for furniture pieces, from tables to dressers. Maple is extremely durable and easily stained, and can blend well with existing furniture pieces in your home.



With its rich natural colour, which can range from reddish brown to blonde, Cherry is a strong, durable wood that polishes very well. Using cherry wood wine racking in your wine cellar can really bring a touch of elegance to any space.

Other Options


Although a less popular option, oak’s beautiful colour and texture provides homeowners with yet another opportunity to match their wine racks with the existing decor of their home in an effort to maintain consistency and flow. Redwood, on the other hand, has natural oils that act as a deterrent to mildew, while wenge and other more exotic woods can add interest and originality for those individuals who like to be different.

For homeowners who have distinct tastes, Papro Wine Cellars and Consulting offers clients a wide variety of woods to choose from for the custom wine cellar racking. Our wooden wine racks are carefully built by expert craftsmen to evoke the most luxurious and sophisticated aesthetic for your home. We offer variety of wood wine cellar options to choose from, so contact us to speak to one of our wine cellar consultants today.

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