How To Create a One-of-a-Kind Wine Lounge

Wine lounges or wine cellars as they are more widely known, are an exciting addition to any home.  As more and more people grow to love wine and enjoy collecting it, the idea of having a wine lounge becomes more desirable.  However, because wine lounges are not a component of every home, most people do not know where to start.

If you are in the process of designing a one-of-a-kind wine lounge in your home, you know it can be an enjoyable, yet challenging experience. On one hand, having space and resources to create a wine lounge is completely exhilarating. Yet, making decisions regarding the style, aesthetic, and functionality of the wine lounge can be frustrating.

Of course, if you are creating a wine lounge in your own home, you are free to design the room as you please; completely ignoring any design rules that may exist.  However, if you want to truly create a space that you and all of your visitors can enjoy, you may want to take these wine lounge tips into consideration.

Maintain a Design Aesthetic for the Wine Lounge

Although your wine cellar will be a unique feature of your home, it should not be treated as a completely separate component.  The color palette, textures, and basic design elements should remain the same in the wine cellar as they are throughout the rest of the home.  This will help to make your wine lounge feel like a luxurious extension of your home instead of an exotic destination.

To maintain the aesthetic of your home within your wine lounge while still creating excitement, you can add feature elements created to stand out.  Unique wine storage, custom-made furniture, or commissioned artwork are all ideas that will help you achieve the goal of a unique room that stands out in your home.

Make Room for Guests

If you are creating a wine lounge in your home, you’re going to want to show it off. Therefore, creating room for guests to mingle, sit, and stay awhile is key.  But, because your wine lounge is a custom room in your home you might feel tempted to keep large furniture to a minimum. However, minimalistic furniture is warned against as it might discourage guests from relaxing and getting comfortable.  

For your wine lounge, choose seating that is comfortable to sit in for long periods of time, durable, yet aesthetically pleasing.  A large sofa with custom fabric, armchairs, or bar seating are all highly recommended choices.

Keep Your Wine Lounge Organized

There is nothing worse than going into a room that is created for relaxation and finding it to be an unorganized mess.  The same goes for your wine lounge. When you enter your wine lounge you want to be able to pop open a bottle of your favorite vino, sit in your favorite chair, sip from your glass and forget about the world.  And, you won’t be able to do that if you are searching endlessly for your favorite bottle.

When organizing your wine collection, choose a method from the beginning and stick with it.  Organizing by vintage year, alphabetically, or style of wine are all functional options.

Add Accessories

In order to make your new wine lounge complete, you will want to purchase new wine lounge accessories to complement the beautiful features of your favorite room.  Investing in high quality serving ware, bar tools, and a variety of wine glasses will ensure that you are ready to entertain your friends and family at a moment’s notice.

When choosing the accessories for your wine lounge there is no set of rules to follow.  In fact, it is recommended that the accessories are where you let your personality shine.  Choose brand new glasses that will wow your guests, or choose a variety of flea market finds that will nod at your personality.  Either way, you will be glad you did.

Add Visual Interest with Your Wine Rack Options

It is completely normal to feel as though you have to choose and stick with one wine racking option for your custom wine lounge. However, a variety of wine storage just might be exactly what you need to add visual interest and maintain your wine lounge project budget.  

Choose one wine rack option that displays the front of each bottle, an option that displays only the cork, and a wine feature option that will show off your favorite bottles.  Choosing one of each of these options will give your room a visual appeal without having to purchase extra artwork or accessories. Truly a wine lounge design win!

Following these design tips for your one-of-a-kind wine lounge will get you on the right track to creating a room you will love. However, there are so many elements of the room where you can and should exercise your own discretion and show-off your style. Choose furniture you will love and use, stick with a color pallet you know you will enjoy for a long time and don’t forget to add unique design elements that will help you enjoy the space. All-in-all, remember that the rules for creating a wine lounge in your home are more like guidelines to help you make good design decisions along the way.  

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