How to Create Your Custom Wine Cellar

Wine has always been a part of Ontario’s culture. Not only has the Niagara region become world-renowned for creating desirable wines, the interest of Ontarians (and many Canadians overall) in wine culture has expanded significantly.

One area in which this interest has grown is with wine collecting. Many of today’s wine collectors are younger than previously perceived to be and they are making wine collecting a priority in their homes by building custom wine cellars to display their collections.

Steps to Creating the Perfect Custom Wine Cellar

It’s not enough to just have a wine cellar. Collecting wine is a luxury hobby, so more and more homeowners are seeking the advice of professional wine cellar specialists in order to create an original and custom wine cellar design that is specifically suited to their collecting habits and lifestyle. But as with any other aspect of home design, there are some common sense steps that you should follow in order to make sure that your wine cellar ends up being to your liking:

Think it Through: Before jumping into the idea of building a custom wine cellar with both feet, take some time to think about what kind of wine cellar or storage area you may want. Consider where in your home or establishment you would like to store your wine. How many bottles do you intend to collect? Think about whether you would like your wine cellar to be more of a focal point/showpiece or just a private area where you keep your wine.

Find the Right Partners: Building a custom wine cellar is not a step we’d advise you to take on your own. Because they are climate and humidity controlled environments, wine cellar construction requires specific considerations and practices that do not apply to any other type of room construction. Wine cellar rooms need to be prepared and furnished using specific methods and materials to avoid potential problems such as warpage, mold, condensation, etc. Seeking out advice and assistance from a professional wine cellar company with an excellent reputation like Papro Wine Cellars and Consulting that specializes in wine cellar design, construction, maintenance and repair will ensure you are making informed decisions from the consultation stage to construction.

Choosing a Wine Cellar Design: Many factors go into designing a custom wine cellar. Location, collecting habits, style, size, space, features, finishes, and budget are only some of the aspects that professional wine cellar designers and builders take into consideration when designing a wine cellar that is just right for you.

Make Sure You’re Satisfied: Even after a preliminary design has been created, take some time to review your drawings to make sure that you are happy with your wine cellar design. If possible, have your wine cellar company create coloured renderings of your completed cellar so that you can see exactly what the finished wine cellar will look like before any work has even begun.

Once all of the above steps have been taken, you can eagerly look forward to having your custom wine cellar built and installed.

For luxury homeowners, a wine cellar is a must have. And with wine now becoming such a popular part of Canadian culture, we’re seeing homeowners from across Canada demand that wine cellars and/or wine storage areas be a part of the decor of their homes and condos.

Papro Wine Cellars and Consulting has built an excellent reputation in the wine cellar industry for helping home and business owners to create custom wine cellars that complement their home or establishment. To learn more about their award-winning custom designs, visit our website.

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