International Day of Happiness: Which Wines Makes You Happy or How Do They Affect Moods

The International Day of Happiness is celebrated every year on March 20th. It is a day set aside for the worldwide celebration of the happiness, well-being, and the freedom of all people, and nations on the planet. It is a day of celebration and thus it needs a bottle of wine.

Happiness and Wine

Happiness and wine are closely associated. According to research, happy people drink wine and people who drink wine end up happy. It’s like a cycle that goes on and on. All through history, wine has been closely linked with happiness. Like a symbiotic relationship they exist.

At Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting, we belong to the school of thought which suggests that people who are happy, drink wine, and those who want to be happy, also drink wine. Both ways, there are constant. Happiness and wine are always involved in the equation. 

Wine and Happiness, A Cross-Cultural Reality 

Whatever clime of the world you find yourself, you would find wine being closely associated with happiness. Every culture celebrates with wine in times of happiness, and in times of sorrow, wine is used to drown away the blue clouds in their hearts. 

No matter where you find yourself in the world, you would find a relationship between wine and happiness.

Why Wine Is a Perfect Symbol for Happiness

Peace: When one is happy, he or she feels at ease. That ease corresponds to getting a glass of wine and just sipping away. Even for those who are sad and worried, a glass of wine helps to calm the nerves and brings about peace. 

Taste: The taste of wine automatically puts a smile on the face. Happiness does the same thing. Perhaps it won’t be wrong to say that wine is the taste of happiness. 

Timelessness: Just as happiness can go on and on, being timeless, so can wine. Even when happiness seems to be fading, pour out a glass of wine, and it would be restored. Wine is happiness brewed and bottled. 

People: Wine and happiness bring people together. When you are happy, you call people together to share in your happiness. Likewise, when you have a good bottle of wine, you’ll love to share it with all and sundry.

Wine and happiness go a long way. They are an inseparable pair. So the next time you are happy, bring out a glass and a bottle of wine. Even when it seems like happiness is far off, and you will discover that the happiness you seek is inside the bottle.

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