Should You Install a Wine Cellar in Your Home?

These days, not only are people choosing to drink wine over any other alcoholic beverage, but they are also starting to develop a newfound appreciation for wine and wine culture. It’s not uncommon for wine collectors to amass an impressive collection of bottles from local and international vineyards alike. For homeowners looking for ways to showcase their wine collection, opting to install a customized wine cellar in their homes may be the next logical step.
Although installing a wine cellar in your home can bring unparalleled sophistication and style to any room, it takes a certain degree of commitment. Here are a few points to keep in mind when deciding if a wine cellar is the right choice for your home.

Collection Size

A telling sign that it may be time for a wine cellar is that you are stocking more wine than your bar area can contain. If your bar is no longer adequate, and you’re looking for alternate places to stock your bottles, then consider installing a wine cellar. As your collection grows, you may also find yourself stocking bottles for longer periods of time. Wine stored at the wrong temperature for six months or more can go bad, so use that timeline as a gauge to test if you’re actually ready for a cellar.


Consider whether or not you have an area in your home to build a wine cellar. It’s true that today’s modern wine cellars can be installed almost anywhere in a home, given that the temperature and humidity is acceptable, but having the space is still very important. Taking proper care of wine means storing it at very specific conditions. You need an adequately-sized room in an environment that can support proper storage if you hope to keep the taste and quality of your wine at a high level.

Build and Then Buy

Although it’s common to ask these questions prior to installing a wine cellar, many homeowners build first and then buy. They already have a taste and appreciation for wine, so the other questions aren’t as important. Homeowners go into their home renovations with the attitude that they will construct the wine cellar first and then fill it with bottles once it’s built. And there’s nothing wrong with this perspective. Installing a custom wine cellar is an investment that will bring long term value to your home.

Regardless if you are a first-time home buyer or are simply looking to renovate your existing home, opting to install a wine cellar (or purchase a home that already has one installed) is a great way to expand your appreciation for wine.

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