The Cultural and Social Aspects of Wine in Canada

Any serious wine collector or sommelier knows that both the cultural and social aspects of wine play as big a role as the wine itself. There is a reason why wine carries so much social cache in our society. Wine is more than just something to be enjoyed: it acts as a social signifier, a reflection of an individual’s tastes and personality, and an instrument for bonding.

Wine has come to hold a prominent role in our society, culture, traditions, and social situations. For a full appreciation of wine, it’s important to consider more than just the wine itself; you must also consider the context in which a wine is used. Understanding this can help the serious connoisseur develop a finer taste for wine.

The Symbolism of Wine

In our society and culture, wine plays a symbolic role, tying in with tradition and local customs. Traditions help bind us together, creating shared rules that can increase social cohesion. Wine presents a more formal, sophisticated, and intimate selection, imbuing occasions with a greater opulence than spirits or beer. On a more detailed level, there are also symbolic rules for when, where, and how to enjoy wine. For instance, in France, proper custom is to serve white wine before red. Understanding the custom of your guests, the environment, and the type of wine itself are key to utilizing wine to its full potential.

Wine Describes the Situation

Wine offers a way to define situations and mark occasions. Typically, wine carries a more intimate and elegant feel than other types of alcohol. Red wine can imbue an intimate or romantic feeling at dinner, while a party or gathering cannot be considered truly elegant without wine as an offering. Other drinks also help define situations in their own way too. For instance, weddings and champagne are inextricably linked. When the serious sommelier has a deeper understanding of their wines, they can use them to help define and guide social situations.

An Indication of Status

There is no denying that wine is one of the most recognized status indicators in our society. Wine is connected with opulence, luxury, elegance, wealth, and high-end lifestyles. Any high-end social gathering is likely to involve wine, while many of the upper echelon of society are known for their wine collections. In luxury homes, the addition of a wine cellar or wine tasting room is seen as a sign of both grandeur and sophistication. Among individual wines themselves, there can be wildly varying levels of status. Often, foreign wines are considered a class above local, while aged vintages can denote a higher level of quality. In this way, wine presents a method for indicating social status and bonding with others of similar status.

Wine Encourages Socialization

Foremost with wine is its role as an agent of social bonding. Wine can be used as a glue to help bond people together and create deeper connections. For thousands of years, alcohol has been inextricably linked to social interaction, whether it’s through beer at a pub or through tastings of a vintage in a wine cellar. Luxury homeowners use wine cellars and tasting rooms as a way to foster better connections with friends and guests, inviting them to indulge and share in pieces from their collection. When a guest is offered a glass of wine from a valued vintage, it’s a signal of great respect from the host.

A Battle of the Sexes

Wine doesn’t only signify class, social status, or occasion, but it can also often differentiate between genders. Traditionally, there are both “masculine” and “feminine” wines, each with their own flavours, potency, and considerations. Masculine wines have been typically stronger in taste, while feminine wines often have a sweeter flavour. These wines have traditionally been enjoyed among their respective sexes. Wine collectors can choose to follow these gendered differences, using these wines in their traditional settings or contexts, or they can choose to break the norm for great effect.

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