Traditionally, a cellar was made of wood and metal, and was usually installed underground. But today things have changed. Cellars are now more than just storage spaces as more effort is being put into making them chic and aesthetic. This is the story of the modern Cellar.


A modern Cellar is built to reflect the architectural ideology and aesthetics of the twenty first century with a strong focus on pleasure and beauty. The Modern cellar is not made of inferior materials, but is crafted with beauty in mind. It is built to be in sync with the rest of your home. This is achieved by using the best materials which convey the aesthetic and architectural ideology intended.


Modern Cellars are built from materials that allow for the accentuation of beauty and class. The materials commonly used are frameless glass, stainless steel, and acrylic: elements that contributes strongly to its modern and classy look.


For a lot of people, it comes down to this. Which one is better? Is the modern any better?

In comparing the two kinds of Cellars, we would look to their functionality, aesthetic appeal, space, versatility, and convenience for answers.


When it comes to functionality, we’re basically talking about storing wine. And on that count, both the traditional and modern cellars do the job well. Your wine is stored safely and you have nothing to fear. Both cellar types are competent here.

Aesthetic Appeal

While we cannot out rightly say that the view within a traditional cellar is not beautiful, it cannot be compared to the modern cellar. The Modern is an ultra-stylish make and is built to show off. It syncs with the house and adds to its beauty. The modern cellar can equally be regarded as a piece of beautifying furniture. On this ground, the modern cellar scores.


When defining space for a cellar, two things come to mind. The first is the amount of space needed to craft a cellar. The second is the amount of storage space the cellar would provide.

To have a traditional cellar, you would have to dedicate a room space (mostly underground). But for the modern, you don’t need all the space in the world. You can covert your walls to a cellar in no time.

When it comes to how much storage space is offered, the modern cellar wins without having to try. It’s sleek and minimalistic design makes it possible for bottles to take up less space. Once again, the modern cellar wins


When we talk about versatility at Papro consulting, we are referring to the ability of your cellar to accommodate different types of wine bottles. Not all wine bottles are the same in size, weight, and shape. Most traditional cellars have to create different dimensions in spacing for different types of bottles. But the modern cellar is built to accommodate all types of bottles. This makes it easy to store all brands and types of wine regardless of dimensions. Again the Modern cellar scores. 


Talk about convenience, the modern cellar offers you that. You don’t need to dig a hole in the earth, neither do you have to go down into a vault anytime you need to entertain a guest. They can see what you have, and make choices easily. Also, they can take a tour of your vast wine collection while sitting in the living room.

No need to ‘go down into the cellar’. Consider this a virtual and literal experience all at the same time.


So what do you think? The modern clearly trumps the traditional on so many grounds. Getting one for your house or your business won’t fare badly. This is not to say the traditional cellars are no good anymore. Well, at Papro consulting, we believe that your taste matters. If you are seeing the benefits of the modern but are still attached to the traditional, we have a solution, the transitional cellar which combines the qualities of the new and old to give you some bit of beauty, functionality, and vintage.

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