Valentine’s Day: How Well Do You Know Your Partners Taste in Wine??

Valentine’s Day is a day set out to celebrate the love you share with your partner. In other words, it’s the world’s lovebirds day. How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner? Well, apart from the usual exchange of gifts, we would advise that you get a bottle of wine to celebrate the day, your partner, and the love you share.

What’s There in Love That Suggests Wine?

Wine has always had a long history with love. Wine has been the drink of lovers from time immemorial. The Roman God Bacchus of Greek mythology is both the god of love and wine. Wine is a symbol of love. It is used to celebrate love and lovers.

Also, a lot of people compare love with wine. This is because they both share a common denominator; they both get better as time goes on. As a love relationship between two people gets stronger and stronger with time, so does a bottle of wine grow stronger and sweeter over time. The link between the two should be really obvious to you now. 

Why Get Wine At All


We at Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting believe that love is something worth celebrating, and a bottle of wine is an integral part of every celebration of love. 

You and your partner deserve some accolades. I mean, for you to have stayed this long together even if it’s a month is worth celebrating. 

Surprise / Show Love

Everyone loves surprises, including your partner. Getting him/her a bottle of wine would be a very lovely gesture for Valentine’s Day celebrations. 

Apart from surprising your partner, getting him/her a bottle of wine is also a way of showing that you truly value your relationship with him/her. Wine can be expensive you know, however, you need not drain your coffers to get a decent brand. If you need any recommendations, feel free to contact Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting. We’ll be more than happy to help.

Your Partner’s Wine Taste

Getting a wine bottle for your partner is a very sensitive task. You must be aware of your partner’s choice and taste when it comes to wine. This is a major determinant in your partner’s wine preference.

Why Does Your Partner Love Wine? 

If you can understand why your partner loves wine, then you can tell what kind of wine he/she prefers. If the reason is because of its make, either red or white, then that should guide your buying decisions.  

What Flavors Does Your Partner Love? 

If you can ascertain the flavors that your partner enjoys on a normal day, then you may be able to predict what kind of wine they are likely going to prefer. 

Any Preferences? 

You can save yourself all the stress if your partner already has a wine flavor that he/she likes. All you have to do is find out and get that brand or label. 

Deciphering your partner’s taste of wine can make all the difference on lovebirds day.

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