Papro Wine Cellars and Consulting Weighs in on Garnacha Grape Coming To Forefront

Toronto, Canada, March 2, 2016 – Papro Wine Cellars and Consulting (www., an award-winning company specializing in wine cellar consultation and design, is weighing in on the Garnacha grape coming to the forefront of the wine market.

Many wine drinkers are familiar with the popularity of grapes such as Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. Those names have grown to become the icons of connoisseurs across the world. But the curiosity of sommeliers is shifting, and Garnacha (or Grenache as it’s known in English) is quickly becoming one of the more appreciated grapes in the culture. Becoming known as the next “it” grape, Garnacha is unlike other rare grapes because the quality of red wine it’s producing is enough to match the demand. (Source: Waters, C., “Emerging ‘it-grape’ Garnacha is ready for its close-up,” Toronto Sun web site, January 20, 2016;

“When certain grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay have been popular for so long, it’s easy to forget the variety of quality grapes that are actually out there,” says Steve Papadimitriou, owner of Papro Wine Cellars and Consulting. “So, when a grape steps into prominence, as Garnacha is poised to do right now, it’s even more incredible that it’s able to stand out and gain attention.”

Australia, Spain, South Africa, and the south of France are already big planters of Garnacha, and they are doing so at a strong value. Both small and large estates are getting involved and looking to capitalize on what they feel is a grape that will only grow in popularity. Some experts are predicting Garnacha red will be a prominent force in the Canadian market.

“It would obviously take a lot to dethrone the familiarity of the current grapes dominating the market,” Papadimitriou continues. “But really, Garnache doesn’t have to do that in order to become a world player. The fact that we are talking about them in the same breath shows the impact this grape has already made.”

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