What Makes Papro Wine Cellars and Consulting Different?

Wine collecting is becoming ever popular – whether it be as a simple hobby or a serious investment. This has created a great demand of wine cellars in Canada – and it has resulted in a number of wine cellar consultants emerging everywhere.  However, Papro has been established for years and has managed to accumulate years of experience, expertise and has kept up with modern trends and technology to deliver only the best to every individual client.

There are a number of factors that put Papro above the rest – but the focal point of the business is ensuring the complete satisfaction of the client – which makes the rest of the project a walk in the park.

The truth is that the employees at Papro share the same love and passion for wine that our clients do. That shared passion ensures that the time and effort put into the design, construction and management of your cellar is much more than just another job.  To ensure the absolute contentment of our clients – we include them from the very beginning of the project, right through to the end – informing them about every move that is made. Not a single piece of work to be done on the cellar without the client knowing everything about it.

This is why Papro has become such a loved and admired establishment. Our involvement of the clients has ensured they have peace of mind that the project is done exactly as they envision it.
From the very beginning of the project, you can ensure that our experienced specialists will break down each step for you in a way that is simple and easy to understand. We will work around every specific budget, timeline and required capacity. Our team allows the client to request their hearts desires – from any specific theme, colors, layout, specific features and even rack choices.

The great thing about the Papro design team is that they are constantly out trying to challenge themselves to create a new, unique and spectacular cellar. They aspire to create something unique with every client – but still ensuring it is formed around the client’s ideas. The goal is to keep everyone rest assured and propose detailed drawings and even a panoramic view of the completed cellar. The emphasis again, is on the client’s input, requests and approval of the design – the more input the client can give the better.

With the completed cellar, the client can expect a full tour of all the features of the cellar as well as recommendations for management of the cellar. But unlike most other cellar companies, Papro’s services don’t end with the simple construction of the model.

Along with that, we have a team of Sommelier available to assist you with the organization of your cellar. The members of Papro understand that wine storing goes beyond more than the simple cellar itself.  So the Sommeliers are available to make any recommendations concerning the correct storing, organization and even recommendations of different wines.

This is Papro’s promise to you – to not only ensure your exact vision of the cellar – but to go above simply installing it. Our team will work around each individual client’s personal preference in design, storage and palate – making the customer’s satisfaction the main goal throughout.

But when you thought you’ve just about seen the last of the Papro team – we linger in the background for any further assistance you require.  We understand the devastating effects incorrect temperature has on wine – which is why our organization offers a complimentary cooling-system maintenance plan for 1 year – which will help prevent any problems in the future. However, if there are any problems, Papro will ensure a team member is sent to you as soon as possible – to ensure neither the clients, nor the wine, is put under any unnecessary stress.

So what is it that makes Papro different?

What puts Papro above the rest?

It is our variety of experts that are sincerely dedicated to every, single aspect of the cellar and the sincere enjoyment of fulfilling each client’s vision. It is the services we offer not only during the planning and construction of the cellar – but the number of services we offer months after each project. It is our ability to change any room, no matter the size, into the exact cellar each individual envisioned. It is the range of expertise we include – and it is why we have managed to achieve numerous Houzz awards for design and service. It is why we are so trusted, loved and recommended by hundreds of satisfied customers.

Papro Wine Cellars