What’s new in wine cellar concepts for 2017

What’s the best wine cellar? Why, the one that’s right for you, of course. Ultimately, a custom wine cellar must always meet your present and future needs, whether you plan to store 150 bottles or 5,000. You can choose unfinished wood or ultra-modern acrylic; your cellar can be arched, glass-enclosed, or filled with stemware racks. What matters is that the room is a reflection of your tastes and personality – a mirror that can be reflected back at you, and that you can proudly share with the people who visit your home.

While design choice is a highly personal decision – one that we respect at Papro Wine Cellars and Consulting, where we have been helping home and restaurant owners design beautiful private cellars of all types and sizes for nearly a decade – there are some trends for 2017 that you might wish to be aware of when planning for a custom wine cellar. Any of these trends can be combined with timeless, classic designs in ways that make your custom wine cellar truly unique.


Earth tones & neutrals


While paint colours really come into play when painting the walls behind your wine racks or wine pod, they’re still an important consideration, especially when it comes to accessorizing later. Leaving walls white will really highlight the missing bottles in slots as you remove them (or while you are building your collection). When looking for inspiration, this year’s designers looked to nature to create a calming environment. This year’s colours include Pantone’s vivid green colour of the year for 2017 – appropriately named Greenery. Pantone calls this fresh yellow-green shade a symbol of new beginnings and a way to reconnect with nature and with each other amid turbulent times. Of course, having a custom wine cellar is already a way to connect with people and a great way to boost your social life!

Demonstrating nature’s ultimate neutral, green also reflects today’s focus on incorporating the natural world into our interior spaces. It’s a very life-affirming, invigorating shade, so it can be used sparingly either on walls or in accessories and furnishings within your wine cellar.

Another popular shade is Dulux’s colour of the year, another neutral called Starry Sky. While this colour has enough gray to be considered a true neutral, it can be difficult to use in a wine cellar because it’s a darker colour that is simultaneously calming and stimulating, so this one is best used as an accessory – think cushions, chairs, wall hangings – to modern style wine cellars that feature frameless acrylic or glass pods and metal wine racking.

Returning to nature isn’t just for colour; the use of warm, natural materials like blond wood, terracotta and cork walls are coming back for the wine cellar this year. These interesting materials can provide an immediate focal point for your new wine cellar and also pair well with modern accents like brushed metal racking and clips.

Remember, whether you are looking to build a wine cellar with floor-to-ceiling glass displays protected by a UV barrier so your wine cellar can be enjoyed from other rooms…a cozy walk-in space with room for several crates…or an intimate wine wall for your dining room, we are passionate about creating bespoke wine cellar solutions that work for your home or business. If you are in the process of building a brand new custom home, let us work with your architect or designers to create a room you can enjoy for generations.


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