Why do people fall in love with wine?

“Either give me more wine or leave me alone” is one of the most famous wine quotes and history and was made by Rumi, in the 1200s. Over time, many more remarks have been made by a lot of important personalities suggesting that wine is a special drink that is superior to all every other drink and deserves a hallowed category of its own. Martin Luther said “Beer is made by man, wine is made by God”, Brian O’Donnell in the ‘winemaker of Belle Pente,” 2013 wrote, “It takes a lot of good beer to make great wine” and Robert Louis Stevenson once said that “wine is bottled poetry”.

Why is wine so popular? What’s special about wine? Why do people fall in love with wine? The history of wines dates as far back as 6,000 years ago and since then, people have always fallen in love with it and have associated it with class and elegance. Wine is not just a special kind of drink, it is an integral part of the European culture and appeals to a lot of persons across different demographics because of its taste and the complexities surrounding its formulation.

There are inexhaustible reasons why almost everyone seems to love wines, but let’s look at some facts about wine that you probably didn’t know about till now and are probably part of what makes wine so unique and widely loved by all.

Some Wine Fun Facts  

  • Ironically, poor quality soils are known to produce better quality wines 
  • The German museum is home to the oldest preserved bottle of wine in the world. It’s about 1,700 years old.
  • France, Spain, Italy, and California are the world’s largest producers of wine.
  • Wine has a lot of health benefits and is very good for the human brain. Like chocolates, they are rich in flavanols.
  • There are about 1,300 varieties of grape used to produce wine

Why people fall in love with wine: 

  • Instant Gratification:  More than any other drink, wines have been able to deliver all-round satisfaction and instant gratification especially as it concerns taste, smell, sight, and touch. It has a wide variety of flavors that are suitable for different weather conditions, accompany any mood or ceremony, and instant pleasures its drinkers. It acts as a stimulant too.
  • The perfect complement for food: Wine goes well with any kind of food and snack. There seems to be a unique marriage between food and wine.
  • It’s the only drink that gets better with age: While the manufacturers of food, drinks, and other consumables tend to advocate for early product consumption in order to retain freshness, some wines actually ought to be preserved for longer periods of time to get the best out of it. Wine tastes better with age and drinkers love that they can save a bottle of wine for special occasions in the future without worrying so much about its freshness and quality.
  • Prestige, class, and elegance: Apart from its unique tasting flavors and the health benefits it offers, people love to drink wine because it has over the years, been associated with class, prestige, and elegance, and symbolizes societal importance. 

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