Installing a Wine Cellar in Your Residence? Things To Put Into Consideration

Wine Cellar Installation In Your Home Considerations

If you are of the thought of executing a plan that pertains to installing a wine cellar in your residence, there are a plethora of factors you need to put in mind. The process involved in adding a wine cellar in your home requires a whole lot of planning, as well as preparations. 

While the first step is to determine the location, there are a plethora of facets that wine enthusiasts need to consider, even if not more. Of course, wine lovers are well aware that installing a wine cellar in their homes is truly an investment. 

Therefore, putting the necessary things in place will ensure that no stone is left unturned. In this article, we’ll be revealing the core factors as well as elements that go alongside with constructing a perfect wine cellar for collection of wines in your home. 

Finding the Right Contractor

Finding the right craftsman that will ideally bring your wine cellar vision into the limelight is one of the most challenging aspects of the construction phase. A wine contractor must not be found wanting in the aspect of proficiency as well as technical abilities in the appropriate techniques for installing a residential wine cellar. 

Ensure that the contractor you are hiring has the required skills, knowledge, and experience in areas such as proper insulation, glazing options, vapor barrier, and exterior grade doors. A contractor that possesses all the abilities is Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting. 

Size and Location of the Wine Cellar

In the course of adding wine storage to your residential property, the size and location of your wine cellar also play a significant impact on many other elements involved. For instance, many enophiles are migrating away from the traditional placement of the basement of their wine cellars and are choosing to have their collection of wines become a focal point in a room that is basically meant for socializing and dining. 

It is, however, essential to note that wine cellars should be best placed in areas where the temperature is at least 12 degrees Celsius while the humidity levels shouldn’t be more than 60%. 

While nursing various thoughts on the size and location of your wine cellar, there is a significant need to evaluate the current size of your wine collection and how you expect your collection to grow in due time. You can incorporate modest collection in your living space with self-contained wine coolers. 

However, if you are hoping or expecting your wine collection to grow up to a couple of hundred bottles, you could locate your wine cellar in a basement. This is indeed a better alternative in terms of the availability of space.  

Cost of the Wine Cellar Installation Project

Depending on how you envision your wine storage design to be, the price of wine cellar could vary greatly. Some of the factors that contribute to the varying cost of wine cellars include location, size, and the choice of cooling materials. All these must be factored when budgeting for your wine storage project. Generally, the designs of cellars vary greatly depending on the individual’s preferences. A minimalistic look coupled with seamless glass as well as clean lines may suit your needs and wants in a wine cellar. Or perhaps, the traditional appearance, as well as natural wood or stone, maybe your own style. More so, your choice of materials also influences the cost significantly.

Racking Options for Your Wine Collection

In terms of accessibility and racking of wines, it is essential for wines to be stored in a convenient manner. More so, you need to store them in a way that you’ll easily retrieve the bottles without having the risk of damage increased. 

Several options are available, and they include metal wine racking, wooden racking wine cabinets or cable wine racking, and glass encasements. Your racking option solely depends on how you want to showcase your collection of wines. For instance, some enophiles may prefer that your racks display individual bottles, while other people prefer wooden shelves for proper case storage. 

Your Wine Cellar Installation Needs Expert Preparation. Get the Hand of Experts Like Papro

If installed properly, your wine cellar could become a genuine part of your home that evokes a real sense of pride. It could also contribute to the value of your property. Your collection of wine deserves a special place in your residence. With an appropriate preparation as well as planning, you can ensure that your dream wine cellar is constructed and designed to suit your needs perfectly for your property.

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