Protect Your Wine Cellar & Collection With These Security Features

Protecting your wine collection with effective wine cellar security from potential prowlers is easier as it seems. There are a number of options that will ensure your wines are safe, secure and protected from theft or damage. Taking into consideration what your needs are, there are amazing options available out there for you, to fit your every need.

Protect Your Wine Collection with a Simple Lock and Key

With modern cellars, a simple lock and key system should suffice in keeping your wines secure. The installation process is generally quick and easy – and allows you the peace of mind that your wines are left untouched.

Using a Combination Keypad as a Wine Cellar Security Measure

For a more upscale option that doesn’t require a key, a security keypad can be installed at the entrance of the cellar. Your four-or-five digit code will be the only way to open the door to the cellar – which is a great safety feature most collectors seem to lean toward.

Protecting Your Wine Collection with Individual Bottle Locks

Another option, which is rapidly gaining popularity, is individual bottle locks. This option is often installed with a lock-and-key option, to secure some of the most valuable wines in the cellar. This option simply prevents the ability to open the bottle of wine since the lock fits around the nozzle of the bottle. This bottle lock can be installed with a key-hole option or with a combination lock.

Extra Wine Cellar & Collection Security

Apart from simply locking your cellar or wines, there are means of allowing you to keep a close eye on the comings-and-goings around your cellar.

Security Cameras

Whether it is inside or around your cellar, cameras will allow you to see exactly what is happening around your precious collection. Many modern cameras are connected to your phone, so you are able to log in and monitor or check up on the cellar at any time, from any location.


The best security includes a preventative option. So, with built-in sensors, you are notified about any movement before they are able to access your cellar. Sensors can track movement or heat – and also send a notification to your mobile phone in an instant. Combined with your security camera, this security feature is top-of-the-range!

Fire Protection for Your Wine Cellar and Wine Collection

All the keypads, cameras and sensors are great for safety against individuals getting into your treasured wine collection. However, there are some accidents that can occur that are beyond your and your security features control. In the event of a fire in your home, there are sprinklers available for installation inside your cellar to ensure your collection is protected. Some wine collections, worth thousands of dollars, can be ruined in an instant – so investing in a sprinkler-system might not seem like the worst idea.

Whatever your security needs – and whatever the size of your collection –  a security system is definitely something worth considering. You’ve dedicated all your time to invest in good wine, so consider taking the time to invest in proper protection.

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