Wine Cellars Aren’t Just for Wine

In today’s times, wine cellars aren’t just simply a cool room underground anymore. Modern technology has allowed any room or any space to be transformed into a wine cellar. However, wine cellars are being used all over the world for more than simply just storing wine. Whether it is an old-school cellar underground, or a modern-day glass room, the temperatures are ideal for more than wine.

Say Cheese

There are some extremely unique hobbies in the world – one of these hobbies include homemade cheese making.  Many individuals who make cheese – whether it be as a hobby or form of an income – a wine cellar creates the ideal environment for successful results! Storing cheese long-term requires similar conditions to wine: Airflow, a regulated temperature, darkness and a certain level of humidity. So, for this reason, it isn’t uncommon for some wine collections to be stored among some high-end cheeses.

Vintage books

For other individuals, their collections consist of old, fragile and valuable items – so it seems natural that their collections would consist of wine and old books.
Although storing books in a cellar might seem odd, there are first-edition books still around that date back to 1900s. These books are frail and just like wine, require dark, cool rooms to prevent any damage or mold. These books are collectibles, some worth thousands of dollars. Modern cellars are commonly used for storing these books since they provide a glass case to exhibit these stunning collectibles.
The first edition of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, for instance, has an 1876 edition available for purchase for almost $100 000. So, with a price like that, it seems natural to keep it in cellars now, doesn’t it?

Meat, jars and canned goods

The conditions a wine cellar provides is ideal for another interesting hobby and food type – cured meat. Hunting is a popular hobby for individuals all across the globe – and part of this hobby includes drying and preserving these meats. Jerky, for instance, often needs to be hung and dried in certain conditions – and wine cellars are able to provide those conditions. It isn’t common for modern cellars to be used for dehydrating meat – but underground cellars have been used for centuries as wine-curing and aging rooms. Other than meat, food preservation can be done easily in a cellar – whether it be jarred, canned or cured foods – since the temperature remains cool and regulated.

Wine cellars, especially modern cellars that include technological advancements that allow the regulation of temperatures, has allowed a new world for long-term storage. The general idea is that any item – whether it be collectibles or food items – can be stored in a wine cellar at optimal conditions. The options are limitless.

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