Wine Clubs in Toronto: Where Are They and How Do They Differ

Wine clubs in Toronto have become more and more popular in the city and in all regions of the world. From full on sommeliers to growing wine enthusiasts, every wine lover can find the perfect club for them.

wine clubs toronto

For Beginner Wine Enthusiasts

If you are just warming up to the wine lifestyle then try joining iYellow Wine Club. They offer fairly inexpensive tours, tastings and classes. They provide a ‘good vibes’ atmosphere for all types of people to learn the basics of wine.  We also included them in our list of wine courses in Toronto.

Toronto Vintners Club is another great option for a more casual scene. They were founded in 1977 and meet monthly at various restaurants and bars. Members pay a small annual fee that goes towards their not for profit organization.

For Those Who Enjoy Wines and Lovely Culinary Creations

The CB Wine Program offers a couple bottles of top picked wine each month. The wine club was created by Charlie’s Burgers restaurant so you’ll there is a strong food aspect to it. Club members can take their wine bottles to local Toronto restaurants to enjoy them with pre-selected cheese baskets as well.

The Wine Academy meet frequently in their lounge located on the corner of Richmond and Bay. Members congregate together for winemakers dinners and wine tastings. The kitchen at the wine academy offers a unique menu created by the popular culinary chef, Aaron Joseph.

For the High-Class Oenophile

La Confrérie Des Chevaliers du Tastevin is one of the most exclusive wine clubs in the Toronto area. It was founded in 1934 and has now grown to have over 200 chapters around the world. You must be nominated by another member of the association, fill out a formal application and be willing to host dinner for all of the members on a regular basis.

If you’re not ready for a custom wine cellar built in your own home, the Fine Wine Reserve is a high tech storage facility to store all of your high-end wines. They have locations in Toronto as well as elsewhere in Ontario. Top notch winemakers and entrepreneurs submit their portfolios to the top sommeliers and collectors. This space is also where members from La Confrerie Des Chevaliers du Tastevin keep their wines stored.

For the Rare Collector

If you want exclusive access to rare fine wines from around the world then you’ll love the Opimian Society. The Master of the club, Jane Masters, is a popular wine buyer who travels often between London, France and Toronto. Members of this club gain access to over 500 different wines from exclusive wineries in several geographical regions.

Kwaf is another unique wine club that provides its members with frequent bottles that aren’t available at the LCBO. They search for the rarest and best flavours around the country, then package, and mail them to the members monthly. Members receive unique recipes for dishes that pair nicely with each bottle.

For the Social Party-Goers

The Vintage Conservatory wine club was opened in 2011. They offer many events with local winemakers, including wine tastings, cultural outings. And charity events.

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